Chiropractic Adjustments for Older Adults

Every new patient in our office will start with a consultation to discuss their care. After the consultation, there will be an examination of the patient and x-rays are taken if deemed necessary. Once the issues have been diagnosed, we move into treatment of the patient with chiropractic and/or acupuncture care. Other forms of physiotherapy may be used as well. A treatment plan is set up for each patient based on their condition to achieve the best results possible.

Why do older adults need chiropractic?

As our bodies age, it becomes more and more important to stay healthy and active. While bones and muscles may weaken, it is still possible to be out and about and doing the things we love. Many senior citizens face chronic pain or other issues related to the body deteriorating over time. Luckily, chiropractic care has been to shown to have multiple benefits for the elderly, from increased mobility to decreased risk of falls and other injuries. Subluxations can lead to many problems, from pain due to the misalignment to immune systems because of nerve blockage. For seniors who are struggling with decreased mobility, chiropractic care has been show to help restore this deficit.

What does chiropractic care involve?

Some seniors may be concerned about receiving spinal manipulation due to the delicate nature of their bodies. However, Dr. Doug Gunderson has been specially trained to treat the sensitive needs of the elderly in a safe and effective way. Through the use of gentle adjustive and mobilization techniques and incorporation of stretching and exercise programs spinal pain is reduced, spinal stresses are decreased, flexibility and mobility are improved, and degeneration is minimized.

Is it safe?

Many people incorrectly think chiropractic care is unsafe for the elderly. In fact, elderly patients are often the most grateful patients. Treatment is safe for those with arthritis or low bone density and osteoporosis, and involves gentle, low force muscle and joint release. Dr. Gunderson’s procedures take into consideration the nature of the aging spine and the many abnormalities present to provide a strategically effective, safe and noninvasive treatment plan.

How many sessions will it take?

The actual number of adjustments will vary depending on many factors such as the length of time the problem has been present.


Results will vary due to the nature of the patient’s individual needs. Some seniors may find themselves able to bend over again and play with grandkids or garden. Others who enjoy golf may find an increase in their drive distance. These small improvements can lead to a large increase in overall quality of life for all patients.

What Clients Say

Treatment with Dr. Gunderson changed my life. Not only did my chronic back pain disappear by the end of our treatments, but my general health improved almost instantly too. Thank You!

Stacey B, Ames, IA

I’ve been examined by chiropractors in KC and Doug was quicker to find the problem than my last chiropractors. After 2-3 months of treatment, I haven’t felt better in my life. He advised me on how to sleep at night and that has improved my quality of life tremendously.

John A, Ames, IA

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